Welcome to the Dwains Lovelace Dashboard documentation!

Besides the documentation, you can also get support and ask questions on the HA Forum or even better join my Dwains Dashboard Discord server for any questions or global talk about Home Assistant. Join my Discord server "Home Assistant Addicts Server" here, it's 100% free and 100% fun!

I spend a lot of free time into this project. If you appreciate what I have made you can Buy me a coffee/beer or donate to my PayPal account.

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If you are new to this dashboard and want to install it, please start on the Installation page below.

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Also take a look in the community addons repository.

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Donation list #

Many thanks to the people who donated, I really appreciate it! I love transparency so I will place all donations on this page. If you donate please write a short message with your HA username :D

Luuk - Super dashboard! Bedankt voor het harden werken aan de nieuwe versie :) gr. Luuk

Cameron - Thanks for any other great update.

David - awesome work, as always. thanks bro!

Robin - Thanks voor β€˜t goede werk! Groeten Robin H

Marco - Alvast wat motivatie voor 1. 5 πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘πŸ».

Daniel Moses

Raymond (2exclusive) - thanks for all your hard work and you are zzzz man!

Ruben Dijk - Great theme! Respect for all the work. Keep up the good work!

ScottT - Love the theme! I have no aesthetic talent, so finally turned my HA from functional but complex/ugly to something my partner loves to use! Can’t thank you enough!❀️

Thombreeder - Great job!

Philip -

Mattias S - Great work and effort! πŸ™Œ


Jason - Great work. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

Edwin β€” /

@Marc0 β€” Top theme :) Groeten Marc0

Damianos β€” Kepp up the good job!

Florian β€” Yes I like it :)

@Martikainen β€” And keep going strong!

@Martikainen β€” Thanks for all the work!

@Dank β€” On-going support for such a great theme…can’t wait for 1.4.0

@Helixon β€” Nice

@Chad β€” Great work with this theme.

@Cameron β€” Thank you for all your hard work and keep going its nice to be able to use your theme. Cameron

@Dank β€” many thanks for your hard work on this theme…it is gorgeous

@stocker β€” /

@noodlemctwoodle β€” /

@Janus β€” /

@Broesie β€” /

@Rooaaarrrr β€” Hey Dwain, amazing work deserves more than one coffee!!

@Greetoz β€” /

@Scotty β€” love your theme, hope you enjoy the coffee :-)

@Chrisiesmit93 β€” Thanks for all the hard work on your theme and the support you give to everyone! Keep up the good work :)

@canedje β€” Beautifull theme

@smithtec β€” Thanks for all the hard work on your theme and the support you give to everyone! Keep up the good work :)

@derelict β€” Thank you very much for this awesome looking and easy to configure Theme

@Patrick β€” Great work and thanks for your help!

@Tom β€” Nice work!

@Cornflake β€” Excellent work.

@Tosko β€” As promised, a small donation as a token of appreciation for the hard work you’ve done so far. Keep up the good work! πŸ‘

@haplm β€” Great job!

@Mike_D β€” Awesome theme. Keep up the great work.

@Rik β€” Best friend, hero, mastermind, etc

@Smakkie β€” Worked hard, deserves coffee ;-)

@Klex1404 β€” Thanks for the great theme!

@Bjorn β€” As promised a donation :)

@Correctomundo β€” Thanks for your great work on Dwains theme! Love it!

@Tdw β€” Great theme, better development.

@jaburges β€” Thanks for the help!

@sunnyhd4 β€” Funktioniert Klasse und HA sieht plΓΆtzlich gut aus. Danke Gruß Klaus.

@OnlyMe β€” Best theme what is available atm. Looks very sleek and solid. Easy to install for HA beginners.

@Evad (2nd) β€” Thanks for your theme and the many work you put into it.

@mase (2nd) β€” Nice update (v1.1.5). Headers are now always loading and thx for fixing the group-cover bug in the theme. Also thanks for all the support you giving on slack and the ha forum. Keep it up, youΒ΄re awesome!

@maikelstraub β€” Thanks for your help on slack and an amazing, well documented theme!

@jompa68 β€” Lovely theme and great support. Easy to setup.

@rkotulan β€” Nice designed theme.

@Evad β€” Very nice theme. Excellent documentation.

@Simon β€” I am very satisfied with the theme.

@nexro β€” Thanks for your good work and fast response @ Slack!

@giosem β€” Thanks Dwain! Great theme! I really love it.

@konradwalsh β€” Thanks for an excellent theme and making HA come to life

@the_cyberspace β€” Nice theme, i love it! And enjoy your krat juup :)

@Klumpke β€” Hard work should be rewarded. Great theme that I use every day!

@mase β€” I didnβ€˜t know that you can make such a good looking setup in HA. Thanks for such an advanced, yet simple to install theme.

@Warwick Jaensch β€” For great work on Dwains Theme!

@Joeri94 β€” Very nice and easy to install theme and good work for the Dutch HA community