Welcome to the Dwains Lovelace Theme documentation!

Besides the documentation, you can also get support and ask questions on the HA Forum. I spend a lot of free time into this project. If you appreciate what I have made you can Buy me a coffee/beer or donate to my PayPal account. If you like you can subscribe on my Home Assistant YouTube channel.

NOTE: This theme is currently focused on mobile view. A future update (coming soon) will also fully support desktop and tablet view.

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Donation list #

Many thanks to the people who donated, I really appreciate it! I love transparency so I will place all donations on this page. If you donate please write a short message with your HA username :D

@Patrick — Great work and thanks for your help!

@Tom — Nice work!

@Cornflake — Excellent work.

@Tosko — As promised, a small donation as a token of appreciation for the hard work you’ve done so far. Keep up the good work! 👍

@haplm — Great job!

@Mike_D — Awesome theme. Keep up the great work.

@Rik — Best friend, hero, mastermind, etc

@Smakkie — Worked hard, deserves coffee ;-)

@Klex1404 — Thanks for the great theme!

@Bjorn — As promised a donation :)

@Correctomundo — Thanks for your great work on Dwains theme! Love it!

@Tdw — Great theme, better development.

@jaburges — Thanks for the help!

@sunnyhd4 — Funktioniert Klasse und HA sieht plötzlich gut aus. Danke Gruß Klaus.

@OnlyMe — Best theme what is available atm. Looks very sleek and solid. Easy to install for HA beginners.

@Evad (2nd) — Thanks for your theme and the many work you put into it.

@mase (2nd) — Nice update (v1.1.5). Headers are now always loading and thx for fixing the group-cover bug in the theme. Also thanks for all the support you giving on slack and the ha forum. Keep it up, you´re awesome!

@maikelstraub — Thanks for your help on slack and an amazing, well documented theme!

@jompa68 — Lovely theme and great support. Easy to setup.

@rkotulan — Nice designed theme.

@Evad — Very nice theme. Excellent documentation.

@Simon — I am very satisfied with the theme.

@nexro — Thanks for your good work and fast response @ Slack!

@giosem — Thanks Dwain! Great theme! I really love it.

@konradwalsh — Thanks for an excellent theme and making HA come to life

@the_cyberspace — Nice theme, i love it! And enjoy your krat juup :)

@Klumpke — Hard work should be rewarded. Great theme that I use every day!

@mase — I didn‘t know that you can make such a good looking setup in HA. Thanks for such an advanced, yet simple to install theme.

@Warwick Jaensch — For great work on Dwains Theme!

@Joeri94 — Very nice and easy to install theme and good work for the Dutch HA community