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Addons #

With Dwains Theme Addons you can extend the theme functionality with own addons without changing any of the theme cores code. This way you can always update to the latest version without problems but still add own views/cards.

There are a few type off addons possible right now:

Rooms Addons #

With rooms addons you can add own functionality to rooms. You can add a own button on a room page which links to a custom page. It can also parse some data to that view.

More page addons #

With more page addons you can still add own pages to Dwains Theme. Let’s say you want a page with some statistics or just an extra page with some cards. Then more page addons is the way to go.

Dynamic page addons #

By default the dynamic page shows the cameras. But not everyone has cameras in his HA setup. Or if you just want to show something else on the cameras page. You can use a dynamic page addon.

Persons addons #

With persons addons you can add own cards to a person page. Like for example a map, traveling time to work or home. It can also parse some data to that view.

Addons #