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Configuration #

Global global.yaml #

This file is required!

The global section. Dwains theme uses this to build the pages.

Global information #

Name Type Required Example Description
language string Yes! English (en), Dutch (nl), German (de), French (fr), Danish (da), Italian (it), Spanish (es), Swedish (se) Other languages coming soon..
weather string No weather.dark_sky
Make sure you got the weather component installed!
Weather (Ex: Dark Sky Weather Integration)
outside_temperature string No sensor.dark_sky_temperature Outside temperature (Ex: Dark Sky Sensor)
outside_humidity string No sensor.dark_sky_humidity Outside humidity (Ex: Dark Sky Sensor)
alarm string No alarm_control_panel.alarm_sys Alarm entity. Read more here
inside_temperature string No climate.living_room Inside temperature sensor

Global example #

  language: en
  weather: weather.dark_sky
  outside_temperature: sensor.dark_sky_temperature
  outside_humidity: sensor.dark_sky_humidity
  alarm: alarm_control_panel.alarm_system
  inside_temperature: climate.living_room