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Configuration #

Scenes scenes.yaml #

This file is optional

Scenes sections all scenes you want to be visible on the scenes page. You can create scenes in the GUI.

Scenes information #

Name Type Default Example Description
entity string Required scene.watching_tv Scene entity_id. Can be a scene entity or something like switch or input_boolean.
icon string far:play-circle fas:couch Icon to display
icon_color string var(–dwains-theme-header-text) ‘#ffffff’ Icon color
background string optional ‘linear-gradient( 135deg, #FEB692 10%, #EA5455 100%)’ Background color, you can use css styling here

NOTE: The entity_id can also be an input_boolean so you can hang some automations on it, and set it off when you want

Scenes example #

  - entity: scene.watching_tv
    icon: fas:couch
    icon_color: '#ffffff'
    background: 'linear-gradient( 135deg, #FEB692 10%, #EA5455 100%)'