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Installation #

Dwains Theme is only compatible with HA 0.107 or newer!

Did you read and followed the preparation part? No? Check that out first. If you experience any problems during the installation of Dwains Theme then please join my Discord server for live support questions so I can help you. Join my Discord Server here, it’s 100% free!

Follow all the steps on this page! Start with the HACS part.

Installing required HACS Plugins & Components #

This theme depends on some plugins and components from other developers. These plugins can be installed thought HACS.

Make sure you have installed HACS in your Home Assistant setup. If you don’t have HACS installed or you don’t know what HACS is, then you read the HACS Installation instructions here.

After you made sure you got HACS up and running you can continue to install Dwains Theme.

Install HACS plugins #

In the left side menu click on Community and then on the Tab PLUGINS. Search for each plugin in the table below and install it.

*NOTE: You don’t have to add each plugin JS url to your lovelace configuration/resources list. You just need to click Install for now on each plugin.

Name Type Required Description
Card-mod Module Yes Add CSS styles to (almost) any lovelace card
Button Card Module Yes Lovelace button-card for home assistant
Light Entity Card js Yes Control any light or switch entity
Mini Graph Card Module Yes Minimalistic graph card for Home Assistant Lovelace UI
auto-entities Module Yes Automatically populate the entities-list of lovelace cards
layout-card Module Yes Get more control over the placement of lovelace cards.
Custom Header Module Yes Lovelace Custom Header
more-info-card Module Yes Display the more-info dialog of any entity as a lovelace card
Lovelace Xiaomi Vacuum Map Card Module Yes This card enables you to specify a target or start a zoned cleanup using live or static map, just like in Mi Home app. Additionally you can define a list of zones and choose the ones to be cleaned.
Atomic Calendar Module Yes Custom calendar card for Home Assistant with Lovelace
state-switch Module Yes Dynamically replace lovelace cards depending on occasion
Swipe Card Module Yes Card that allows you to swipe throught multiple cards for Home Assistant Lovelace

Install HACS components #

We also need to download 1 component from the HACS store. In the top tabs inside HACS click on the tab INTEGRATIONS and install the component from the table below.

Name HACS Required Description
Browser mod Integration Yes A Home Assistant integration to turn your browser into a controllable entity - and also an audio player

After installing both HACS plugins and the 1 HACS component and you make sure you don’t forgot any, you can continue to install Dwains Theme below.

Installing Dwains theme #

Step 1 - Download Dwains Theme latest release #

Download the latest release from the release page.

Step 2 - Extract & move the download #

  1. Unzip the file you just downloaded and copy the content of it.
  2. Go to the main folder of your Home Assistant installation. This is the folder where you config is. (Hint: its the folder where the file ui-lovelace.yaml and configuration.yaml is located).
  3. Copy the content of the downloaded folder to the main folder of your Home Assistant installation.

Step 3 - Set the configuration files #

  1. Find and rename the dwains-theme/configs-samples folder to dwains-theme/configs.
  2. Open your configuration.yaml file and make sure you don’t have the following lines (with sublines). homeassistant:, lovelace:, frontend: and lovelace_gen:. Please remove these lines. From your existing configuration.yaml. This is very important.
  3. Open configuration-sample.yaml from the download and select the text between Copy from here till Copy till here and paste this at the top of your existing configuration.yaml file.

Step 4 - Your existing configuration #

I have my full existing config in the configuration.yaml file

Okay then you are already set. If you had some code under the homeassistant: line and want this back, then place it back under the following line # If you had any important strings before in homeassistant: place them back here below.

I’m using HA packages folder

If you already are using HA packages, then you know how to work with it. Please make sure your configuration.yaml is correct and has then packages: !include_dir_named packages/ under the homeassistant: line.

Step 5 - Configure Dwains Theme #

To configure/build the theme you need to edit the files in the folder dwains-theme/configs/. When you open these file you see some examples commented-out, only uncomment the lines you want to use! If you want to know how you need to configure these files, go to the Configure Dwains Theme page.

Step 6 - Restart Home Assistant #

NOTE: Your Home Assistant frontend can have some error. In this case you forgot a HACS plugin or you made a mistake in any of the config files. Always clear your browser cache when you receive errors.

That’s it! Dwains Theme should now be installed.

Let me know on the HA forum if you like my theme :D

What’s next? #

Now that you have installed all the required plugins and the Dwains Theme core files you can edit the Dwains theme configuration files.

Configure Dwains Theme

Also read here some handy how to’s:

And checkout some Tips & Tricks of Dwains Theme.

WARNING: Please don’t change any of the files inside the folder dwains-theme, because future updates of this theme may not work. If you want to extend or add own views/pages to this theme use addons