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Preparations #

Before we are getting started on anything, make you sure you make a backup of you current Home Assistant setup.

Dwains Theme highly depends on HA groups If you don’t know how to work with groups, read this first.

With groups you can combine multiple entities into one. For example you have 3 lights in your living room light.living_room_1, light.living_room_2 and a switch switch.living_room_3. You can combine these in 1 group as follow:

  name: Living Room Lights
    - light.living_room_1
    - light.living_room_2
    - switch.living_room_3

You then can use group.living_room_lights in my theme config.

Short explanation #

My theme has the slogan “An auto generating Home Assistant Lovelace UI”. It’s not (yet) fully auto generating (so not a 1 click install and done). You still need to define your house in so called ‘Dwains Theme Config files’. Working with these files is not that hard and is fully explained in the docs here. I’m still working hard on this theme, so if you have any tips for it please discuss it in the HA forum thread.

What’s next? #

So lets start with the installation of Dwains Theme.