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Addons #

House information addons #

With house information addons you can add own cards to the global house information page. Like for example an calendar, traveling time to work or home. It can also parse some data to that view. NOTE: Each addon is directly loaded/rendered on the house information page.

House information addons information #

I advise you to create a folder inside dwains-dashboard/addons/house_information/ with the name of the addon (for example statistics) inside that folder create a file called page.yaml and inside that file your lovelace card(s) and use that path as the path for the addon.

A good example is to checkout the hello-house-information-page addon in dwains-dashboard/addons/house_information/hello-house-information-page/page.yaml to re-use or inspire you.

Name Type Default Example Description
name string Required Statistics The name of the addon
icon string fas:puzzle-piece fas:chart-area The icon of the addon
path string Required dwains-dashboard/addons/house_information/hello-house-information-page/page.yaml The path to the page of the addon
data object Not required See example below Data you wanna parse to the addon

House information page addons example #

This is for the config/house_information.yaml file.

    - name: Hello house information page
      icon: mdi:chart
      path: 'dwains-dashboard/addons/house_information/hello-house-information-page/page.yaml'
        some_data: 'This is some data parsed.'
        some_other_data: 'and some other data.'