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Addons #

Persons addons #

With persons addons you can add own cards to a person page. Like for example a map, traveling time to work or home. It can also parse some data to that view. NOTE: Each addon is directly loaded/rendered on the person page.

Persons addons information #

I advise you to create a folder inside dwains-dashboard/addons/persons/ with the name of the addon (for example statistics) inside that folder create a file called page.yaml and inside that file your lovelace card(s) and use that path as the path for the addon.

A good example is to checkout the hello-person addon in dwains-dashboard/addons/persons/hello-person/page.yaml to re-use or inspire you.

Name Type Default Example Description
name string Required Hello room The name of the addon
icon string fas:puzzle-piece fas:chart-area The icon of the addon
path string Required dwains-dashboard/addons/persons/hello-person/page.yaml The path to the page of the addon
data object Not required See example below Data you wanna parse to the addon

Persons addon example #

This is for the config/persons.yaml file.

  - name: Dwain
    ...your existing strings...
      - name: Hello person
        icon: fas:puzzle-piece
        path: 'dwains-dashboard/addons/persons/hello-person/page.yaml'
          some_data: 'This is some data parsed.'
          some_other_data: 'and some other data.'