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Configuration #

House information house_information.yaml #

This file is optional

House information a page which shows your favorite entities, house information addons and what is going on in your house regarding motion, doors and windows.

House information section #

Name Type Default Example Description
favorites object Not required See house information favorites A object with favorite entities
addons object Not required House information addons  

House information example #

    - entity: binary_sensor.doorbell_button
      icon_on: fas:bell
      icon_off: fas:bell
    - entity: binary_sensor.hallway_door_contact
      icon_on: fas:door-open
      icon_off: fas:door-closed

House information -> Favorites #

Name Type Default Example Description
entity string Required binary_sensor.frontdoor_contact entity_id
icon_on string Default entity icon fas:bell-school Icon when entity is on
icon_off string Default entity icon far:bell-school Icon when entitiy is off