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Configuration #

Icons icons.yaml #

This file is required but can be empty!

With this file you can override the default icons that are loaded in Dwains Dashboard.

Take a look here on how to choose an icon and how to install Font Awesome.

Icons information #

Name Type Default (fallback) Description
menu_back string mdi:chevron-left Back icon in the header
menu_home string mdi:home Home page icon
menu_lights string mdi:lightbulb-group Lights page icon
menu_scenes string mdi:play-circle-outline Scenes page icon
menu_cameras string mdi:cctv Cameras page icon (default for dynamics page)
menu_more_page string mdi:menu More page icon
light_on string mdi:lightbulb Light on icon
light_off string mdi:lightbulb-outline Light off icon
climate string mdi:thermometer Climate icon
climate_heating string mdi:radiator Climate heating icon
climate_auto string mdi:clock-check Climate automode icon
climate_off string mdi:radiator-off Climate off icon
climate_heat string mdi:radiator Climate heat icon
climate_cool string mdi:snowflake Climate cool icon
climate_heat_cool string mdi:sync Climate heat/cool icon
climate_dry string mdi:water-percent Climate dry icon
climate_fan_only string mdi:fan Climate fan only icon
window_open string mdi:window-open-variant Window open icon
window_closed string mdi:window-closed-variant Window closed icon
door_open string mdi:door-open Door open icon
door_closed string mdi:door-closed Door closed icon
motion_on string mdi:motion-sensor Motion on icon
motion_off string fas:walking Motion off icon
cover string mdi:window-shutter Cover icon
device string mdi:power-plug Device icon
media_player string mdi:play-pause Media player icon
vacuum string mdi:robot-vacuum Vacuum icon
plant string mdi:flower Plant icon
alarm_disarmed string mdi:lock-open-variant-outline Alarm disarmed icon
alarm_pending string mdi:home-lock Alarm pending icon
alarm_armed_away string mdi:home-lock Alarm armed away mode
alarm_armed_home string mdi:home-lock Alarm armed home mode
more_page_house_information string mdi:home House information icon on more page
more_page_house_data string mdi:information-outline House all data icon on more page
more_page_settings string mdi:cogs Theme settings icon on more page
more_page_list_chevron string mdi:chevron-right Right chevron icon on more page

Icons example #

  #Menu icons
  menu_back: 'fas:smile-wink'
  menu_home: 'fas:smile-wink'