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Configuration #

Global global.yaml #

This file is required!

The global section. Dwains Dashboard uses this to build the pages.

Global information #

Name Type Required Example Description
weather string No weather.dark_sky
Make sure you got the weather component installed!
Weather (Ex: Dark Sky Weather Integration)
outside_temperature string No sensor.dark_sky_temperature Outside temperature (Ex: Dark Sky Sensor)
outside_humidity string No sensor.dark_sky_humidity Outside humidity (Ex: Dark Sky Sensor)
alarm string No alarm_control_panel.alarm_sys Alarm entity. Read more here
inside_temperature string No climate.living_room Inside temperature sensor
batery_empty_string list No See example below A list of states the empty batteries are shown for
safety_ok_strings list No See example below Read more about safety for rooms here
show_covers string No Default to open Use closed or partly_closed. For example in the header it default shows all open covers if you only want to see closed covers use set this key and use closed
custom_popups array No See example below Read more about custom popups here

Global example #

  weather: weather.dark_sky
  outside_temperature: sensor.dark_sky_temperature
  outside_humidity: sensor.dark_sky_humidity
  alarm: alarm_control_panel.alarm_system
  inside_temperature: climate.living_room
    - "unavailable"
    - "Ok"
    - "Idle"
    - "off"
  show_covers: closed

    - domain: cover
      path: 'dwains-dashboard/addons/popups/cover/popup.yaml'