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Configuration #

Scenes scenes.yaml #

This file is optional

Scenes sections all scenes you want to be visible on the scenes page. You can create scenes in the GUI.

Scenes information #

Name Type Default Example Description
main_menu boolean Optional 'false' (default: true) If you want to hide the scenes in the main navigation bar then enable this line. The scenes page will be moved to more page as an link.
entities array Required See table below  

Entities array | Name | Type | Default | Example | Description | |————|——–|———————————|——————————————————-|————————————————| | entity | array | Required | See table below | scene.watching_tv | Scene entity_id. Can be a scene entity or something like switch or input_boolean. | | icon | string | far:play-circle | fas:couch | Icon to display | | icon_color | string | var(–dwains-theme-header-text) | ‘#ffffff’ | Icon color | | background | string | optional | ‘linear-gradient( 135deg, #FEB692 10%, #EA5455 100%)’ | Background color, you can use css styling here |

NOTE: The entity_id can also be an input_boolean so you can hang some automations on it, and set it off when you want

Scenes example #

  main_menu: 'false' #Optional
    - entity: scene.watching_tv
      icon: fas:couch
      icon_color: '#ffffff'
      background: 'linear-gradient( 135deg, #FEB692 10%, #EA5455 100%)'